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Comprehensive Venting solutions. Now serving Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and New Mexico.

What We Offer:

Venting Solutions

Venting and exhaust solutions for boilers, water heaters, engine exhaust, grease duct, central shafts and draft control solutions.

Largest Vent Master Distributor West of The Mississippi

Located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Top quality service in the venting industry

We stay on the job until you’re off the job. We don’t blow smoke; we have members in multiple code committees.

Full engineering support

Including specifications, calculations and TX Draft stamp of approval for all your submittal documents.

About Texas Draft

Our mission at Texas Draft is to provide top quality service in exhausting boilers, grease duct, laundry exhaust and generators. The products we represent are the highest quality in the venting industry and we work closely with our manufacturers to continually improve their products for today’s demanding marketplace. We offer full engineering support with CAD drawings and ASHRAE calculations and we follow the project through from design to installation. Every chimney/vent system designed by Texas Draft includes accessories customized for the heating equipment installed on the job site. This ensures the appliances will vent properly and are code compliant.

With over 60 combined years of experience, Thaddeus Rohskopf, Timothy McNulty, and Bupe Chinukwe have designed over 40,000 chimney/vent systems nationwide for heating appliances, generators and grease duct systems. The owners of Texas Draft have developed ASHRAE based chimney design programs for major vent manufacturers such as Selkirk Corp. Texas Draft has the experience and knowledge to design your chimney per code and manufacturer requirements.


Including special gas vent, pressure stack, type B vent, polypropylene, Aztec flashing, pizza oven fans and draft control systems.

Save time and money with all our engineering systems.

Keep code compliance and get your systems Texas Draft Stamp of Approval.

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