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UL 103 | Up to 1000F Dry Flue Gas

Standard for Factory Built Chimneys for Residential Type and Building Heating Appliances

UL2561 | Up to 1400F Dry Flue Gas

Standard for 1400F Factory Built Chimneys

UL2221 | Up to 2000F Grease Duct

Standard for Tests of Fire Resistive Grease Duct Enclosure Assemblies (2HR Fire Rating)

ISO 6944

Multi-story Tenant Space Exhaust Shaft with 2HR Fire Rating Through Floor Penetration

UL441 | Up to 470F Dry Flue Gas

Standard for Gas Vent or CAT I

UL1738 | Up to 550F Flue Gas

(Stainless Steel) Standard for Venting System for Gas Burning Appliances, Cat. I, II, III and IV

UL1738 | Up to 230F Flue Gas

(Polypropylene) Standard for Venting System for Gas Burning Appliances, Cat. II and IV

UL1777 | Up to 1000F Flue Gas

Standard for Chimney Liners

UL378 | Draft Controls

Standard for Draft Equipment

UL705 | Clothes Dryer Exhaust

Standard for Power Ventilators with special use for clothes dryers.

UL508 / UL705 | Combustion Air Supply

TDLR 65.603 Compliant Combustion Air Systems

UL959 | Up to 1800F Flue Gas

Medium Heat Appliance factory Built Chimney


Freestanding Stack

Boilers Have Changed, Shouldn’t Your Combustion Air System?

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