Did I exceed my manifold maximum length?

NFPA 54 2018 13.2.4 Vent Connector Manifolds

Did I terminate correctly- vertical?

NFPA 54 2018 Annex A Figure A.12.9

Did I terminate correctly- horizontal?

NFPA 54 2018 Annex A Figure A.12.9

What draft requirements do I need?

Building Heating Appliances (2018 NFPA 211), ANSI appliances CAT I- IV NFPA 54 12.7.4 (2018), TDLR Boiler Code 65.603

What type of vent materials do I need?

ANSI Categorized Appliances NFPA 54 Table 12.5.1, Building Heating Appliances & UL795 Boilers NFPA 211 Table, TDLR Boiler Code 65.603

How do I install this vent?

NFPA 54 2018 12.7.1, TDLR Boiler Code 65.603

Is my old brick chimney still code compliant?

NFPA 54 2018, NFPA 211 2016 7.2.2,,

Do I need a CO Monitor in my mechanical room?

Use TX Draft New Combustion Air Rules, TDLR Boiler Code 65.603

What do I do with my commercial dryer exhaust?

IMC 504.8.4.1, UMC 504.4.2.1 (Houston), IMC 504.10 (shaft code), International Building Code 716.5.3 (Shafts-bathrooms & kitchen), IMC 504.4 (Bird screens), IMC 504.2 (No Dampers)

Engine exhaust system, do I have the correct diameter size?

NFPA 37 2015, NFPA 211 2016, ASHRAE Duct Design Equations

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