ISO 6944

Multi-story Tenant Space Exhaust Shaft with 2HR Fire Rating Through Floor Penetration


304/316/441 Stainless Steel Inner wall, 3” fiber insulation, aluminized/304/316 steel outer wall

Plan Specification:

  • All portions of the fire rated shaft shall be LaundryFab Model ‘PSS-Z3’, UL 2221 – ‘Standard for Tests of Fire Resistive Grease Duct Enclosure Assemblies’ and ISO-6944-1:2015 ‘Fire Containment Ventilation Ducts’ as well as the International Mechanical Code.
  • The factory fabricated shaft shall be constructed of 20 ga. Aluminized steel with 3” fiber insulation. Each section including a penetration shall include a factory fabricated 22” subduct riser.
  • Field fabricated rated shafts shall include a single wall liner including factory fabricated subducts as well as calculations verifying the correct dimensions and pressure losses in the system to meet the factory fabricated pressure losses.
  • The DEF Exhaust Fan shall have a galvanized steel housing and be rated for outdoor use. The fan shall be Type B Spark resistant and the impeller shall be dynamically balanced backward inclined/curved constructed in 5052 aluminum.
  • The fan shall be powered in accordance to Section 909 of the International Building Code.
  • The L100 pressure-based control system shall be monitored in an approved location and shall initiate an audible alarm when fan is not in operation.
  • The High-Rise Exhaust Systems designed for clothes dryer exhaust shall include a lint collector system integrated to the L100 controller.

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